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As you might notice, to the right of this blog post is a new button. I am not one to ask people for money - EVER. But since so many people have asked me how they can contribute to Christian, my IT guy hooked me up and helped me create a button where people can donate directly to our PayPal account. I certainly don't want to stop God's blessings on us when He sees fit to send them!

We would like to say thank you to all of the support, encouragement, and love that we have received! It has been unbelievable to say the least, but we are so proud to share Christian with the world!


  1. Hello Lacey Nicole, i saw your video and was touched by your story.
    I was surprised to hear that someone condemned abortion because you do not have committed.
    This child has the greatest parents in the world and will grow with love.
    With your eyes you see a lot of troubles in this world without eyes the world and people appreciate you for what they are.
    I admire your strength and love for your child.

    I will follow, because such people deserve attention for what they are

    Best regards Mark (Holland)

  2. I wanted to say thank you for putting that paypal link up on behalf of ALL of your and Christians supporters who requested that you allow us to be able to give in anyway we can. This is definitely GOD doing his work through all of us to make sure that all of Christians needs are met. "Hopefully above and beyond" Thank you again :)

  3. Very inspiring and courageous on your part. I love your smile. And I wish the best for Christian as he grows up. He will have many obstacles to overcome, but with a very caring mother like you he can make it through.

  4. I just saw your video and I must say, I cried, but at the same time felt so much love and hope in your expressions. Your attitude makes me want to be a better parent. Thank you for posting the video and for your blog. You and your son are amazing <3

  5. Your son is so beautiful - inside and out. Just looking at him makes me smile. Even without seeing him, I knew he would. All children are blessings, brought to earth to teach us how to love and appreciate the beauty around us.

    Not only is Christian a blessing, but he has been blessed to have you as parents. And, those of us who have heard about your story are grateful because through you we see the miracle of love.

    Wishing you all the best, now and always! Many hugs, tickles and warm wishes to Christian!

  6. We were so blessed by your story! We have 4 kids and really appreciate your love for that little life! What a sweet creation from Jesus he is. Thanks for sharing with the world your story of true love. what a blessing! kristy

  7. I found your blog through Spearmint Baby blog. It is so inspiring to see you and Christian. My best friend carried a baby to term a few years ago after getting some very discouraging information during an early ultasound. "Abortion" was an ugly word that was silently going through the heads of everyone we knew - myself included. We all prayed and my friend did, in fact, decide to carry her little girl to term and we were all able to spend a few hours with her. Those hours were the most special of my entire life and forever changed my position on abortion. It makes me so happy to see Christian happy and already making such a positive impact in our world. Thank you for sharing your story.

  8. that was a wonderful video, thank you for sharing it :)
    You may have already heard of it, but the National Federation of the Blind has support systems (or they did last I heard) for parents with blind children. It might be something to look into.

  9. You are one inspirational woman! I hope that I can be half the mom that you are. You have so much love in your heart! You never understand how to love someone till you have a child and I can't imagine having a child with a disablity. I hope that everything continues to work out!

  10. Praise the Lord for precious Christian and the work He is doing through him and you! How I love our Lord and His ways..all for His glory. You're video brought tears to my eyes as I know somewhat of what its like when things don't turn out quite as you planned with our little ones. Keep shining your bright light for Jesus! With love.

  11. Hello from Greece. Christian is a lucky child because he have wonderful parents. My young brother born with bilateral cleft palate and lip and because of that he doesn have one ear too. Love is the only power these kids needs and trust me when they grow up they are stronger than everyone else in this world!

  12. Hello

    I don´t have words for how much you touched me with your video.
    You're video brought tears to my eyes.
    You love for you son , is something that made a huge impression around the world.

    Me and my wife are blessed daughter, Karolina, our selves.
    Children are our miracles.

    I am a teacher on a Danish folkhighschool, and on monday I will show your video at our morning assembly.

    God Bless You.
    And thank you so much.
    From Denmark/Scandinavia

  13. Lacey, have you ever seen "The Woman Who Willed a Miracle?" It was an after school special back in the 1980's based on a true story of May Lemke who took in a severely disabled baby boy and loved him like no one else could. It is so inspiring. I watch it frequently.

    Here's the link:

    You can also read "May's Boy" by Shirlee Monty.

    I think you'll find both uplifting and encouraging.

  14. Your baby boy is beautiful, Lacey. Of course you already know that but I just wanted to add that I think so, too. :o)

    Best wishes and many loving thoughts sent to you. Namaste.

  15. I cried and cried reading your story God bless you ! You deserve it and much more for your courage efforts and unconditional love! Bless you !!!

  16. God has blessed you. A very beautiful son. God has something planned for Christian.

  17. I think God picked the perfect parents for that precious little boy! I know you will provide the best life possible for him! I loved your video. I just wanted to say let him decide how far he will go in life, always believe and he will go far. my son proved doctors wrong when he learned to walk on his own.


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