Christian Taylor Buchanan

Christian Taylor Buchanan

Friday, April 15, 2011

Joy in Tribulation

During my pregnancy, although we knew about Christian's condition and were absolutely devastated about it, we still managed to smile. We still found reasons to be happy. I remember laughing at Christian because he would squirm and kick and move around inside me, and when I would yell for Chris to come feel him move, and Chris would come running from another room and grab my belly as fast as he could, Christian would get perfectly still. Chris barely ever felt him move the whole time I was pregnant!

I remember decorating Christian's nursery. It was so much fun; picking out the perfect colors, hanging his name above his bed, folding his tiny clothes and putting them in his dresser, and just imagining my little boy in those clothes.

But the maternity pictures had to be the funnest. They were a celebration of our baby boy and they turned out perfect.

I'm glad that I enjoyed my pregnancy as much as I did, despite the trouble that we faced and the challenges that we knew would lie ahead. I can look back on my pregnancy and smile and remember a very happy time.


  1. Lacy,
    You have a beautiful baby boy, and he is blessed to have 2 amazing parents who will always be there for him. Yall are a strong family and I'm sure God brought Christian to you and Chris for a reason. I'm teaching special education so I have made a lot of contacts with specialists like occupational therapists who are full of ideas in helping children with visual impairments reach their full potential. If you ever need anything, contacts, advise, a babysitter, or just a friend to talk to you can count on me! Love you guys :)