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How Could You Not

I have been filling my blog lately with articles that I write for the Cannon Courier on disability advocacy and education, and between writing that bi-weekly article, and law school, and a full time job, and being an active member of my church, AND raising a child who has special needs, I don' t have a whole lot of time to just sit and write from my heart. But recently, a topic struck me that I just had to post about. A sweet, sweet friend told me this week through Facebook that she considered me the "epitome" of a good mother. I gasped at such an astounding comment. I do consider myself a very good mother, maybe a little over protective at times, maybe a little to obsessive about Christian's care at times. But if I have one flaw as a mom, it's that I care too much. But, when I read this comment, it definitely stayed with me for a few minutes. As I mulled it over in my head and tried to wrap my thoughts around it, I asked myself if I was really worthy of such a

Special Kids Race

What is Special Kids? Check out these cute pictures and video to see exactly what goes on at Special Kids, Inc. Feeding therapy where Christian learns to ear Occupational therapy where Christian learns to master his fine motor skills crawling through the tunnel! Little brothers need entertainment too! :)      Special Kids, Inc. is a Christain, non-profit organization in Murfreesboro, Tennessee that provides therapeutic rehabilitation and professional nursing services to children with special needs. Special Kids opened in 1998 with just one child, and today over 2,000 children have been served. They offer physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, feeding therapy, nursing services, recreational therapy, art therapy, and a summer day camp. They are a one of a kind facility, being the only organization  in the state that offers rehabilitation and nursing services under one roof.           Special Kids started with a vision from an

Just The Way You Are - Disability Days on the Hill

         The state legislature often hosts "Days on the Hill" for a wide array of groups or topics. The name "Day on the Hill" comes from the fact that the capitol building is perched atop a high hill right in the middle of downtown Nashville, and the day gives people a chance to gather for at wide variety of topics . Anyone can come to the state capitol and speak with legislators at any time that the legislature is in session, but attending during a "Day on the Hill" lets legislators know you are passionate about an issue.       Days on the Hill are a very important part of the legislative process because they are one major way that legislators get informed about topics and how their constituents stand on certain issues. It is also a way to make a presence. When dozens or even hundreds of people gather for a common cause, those who create our laws have no choice but to pay attention. It is also a great opportunity to form a relationship with those who r