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Moving and Settling In

Well, it's been five weeks since we moved into our new home, and I have to say, moving was absolutely insane and I never want to do it ever again! lol! Chris and I moved most of the stuff by ourselves with his trailor and my van. In hindsight, that was not a smart idea. We had help on the weekend with the really heavy furniture, thankfully, because I could not have helped with the piano and couch. But overall, we made probably 20 trips each from one house to the other. But we have never moved before so we just didn't know how difficult it would be or how to make it easier. If there is ever a next time, we will definitely hire more help and some moving trucks. We were so exhausted when it was all over that we didn't have the energy to even get our mattresses set up in the floor for two days, so we stayed at my parent's house for a few nights. Not to mention, Christian had surgery to have 8 teeth pulled the week we moved AND Chris and I had such short notice on our move