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Preparing for Battle - Surgery Number....12?

Here we are again. Preparing for another surgery. I feel like a bad parent because I honestly can't tell you exactly what surgery number this is. But to be honest, I've never been good at remembering insignificant details or things that don't really have to be remembered anyways. It's like my brain only has so much capacity to hold stuff, so the things that I don't have to remember just get pushed out. Only the really necessary stuff gets to stay. lol! So, I plan to go back and count exactly what number surgery this is, but for today, I'm just going to say that we are somewhere between surgery number 10 and 12, I think. The surgery will be December 3rd at our local children's hospital. Christian will be having eight baby teeth removed to make room for his adult teeth to come in. Some of his molars, specifically, a six year molar that we need to have erupted for his expanders, that should have come in by now still are not in because his baby teeth are not g

New Adventures - A Big Move and Foster Care Certification

Two Wild Boys!  I don't regularly post on my blog anymore, but I really want to start doing it again. I always have so much to say and so little time to say it. So, I wanted to try to sit down this evening and write out a little bit about what has been happening in the Buchanan House recently! It's way too much for a Facebook post, so blog it is!  First, after 12 years in our first home, our family is moving!! We will be staying close to my parents and in the same county, but we are moving outside of the city, to a quieter area. We will also have a little bit of land! (Meaning, more animals! Yay!) I had to get rid of my chickens about a year ago, because I live in the city, so once we move, we will be able to get them back! I am also wanting to raise some other sort of livestock, but I haven't settled yet on what that will be. We have plenty of time to decide on that!  The house is much bigger than our house now. We outgrew this house a long time ago but because I was in sc