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Surgery Again

Hello everyone!  Thanks so very much for hoping on here today and supporting what I do! Every time you read my blog, listen to my podcasts, interact with me on social media, you are supporting what I do and making it possible for me to continue doing this! Speaking of social media, I wanted to remind you guys that we are not only on Facebook, but also Instagram, Youtube, and Patreon! Search my name on any of those platforms and you will find me!  I wanted to let you all know today that Christian will be undergoing a small procedure this coming Friday. He is getting his 6th or 7th set of eartubes. His last two sets of the long lasting T tubes have only lasted him about a year. He seems to consistently get a bad ear infection, his ear will bleed from being so infected, and then the tube falls out. This seems to be a pattern for him!  You may remember that back in December, the day after Christmas actually, I brought Christian to the ER at the advice of the doctor at the local children

First Week of Fostering

Hello everyone!! If you missed my latest podcast, be sure to check it out at . A new one will post next Monday that I am so excited about!  I'm also super excited to write this blogpost tonight about how fostering is going. I shared more details about it this week on my Patreon at if you'd like to see more there! The last week was absolutely incredible and exhausting. I am so tired yall! lol! On Thursday last week we said "yes" to our very first every placement since we became certified to foster. So on the same week as time change, we doubled the amount of kids in our house! It was pure chaos and so beautiful!  We accepted two girls ages 11 and 13. We had not planned on taking children much older than our own boys, but we felt comfortable with this placement after asking questions and learning about the girls. They were also only going to be here a few days, as they just needed somewhere to stay for a few days bef