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The Dynamic Duo - Raising Typical and Non-Typical Children Together

It has been SO long since I've updated my blog. In case you haven't followed along on Facebook, the past 4 years have been so incredibly busy and insane in the best of ways. I graduated law school, passed the bar, and started my law career. Talk about BUSY! I still homeschool my boys. Also, crazy busy! We have switched Christian's care back to our local children's hospital from Indianapolis, under the care of an amazing and compassionate surgeon and Christian had a HUGE surgery last year. Coronavirus hit and threw the entire world for a loop. Life has continued on and we have been living it for sure! Now that things are starting to finally find a normal pace again, actually a bit slower than what we're used to, thankfully, I want to try to get back to writing. It's been my intention for about a year now, and here I am finally putting fingers to keyboard once again!  So thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy! As always, join us on Facebook, Instagram, and Yout